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HPC@LSU provides computational resources to the LSU campus and LONI members statewide. Provided services, such as the help desk and consulting, are available to all supported users. Online training sessions and and other education resources are available to all. Click Here to learn more about available resources.


LSU HPC resources are available to all LSU Faculty and their affiliates while LONI resources are available to all LONI Member Institution Faculty and their affilates. Click Here to learn about account policies.

HPC@LSU conducts weekly system status and information meetings, to which users are invited. Click Here for more information.

Documentation & Help Desk

User Guides for all HPC resources are provided Here.

Detailed guides for all software installed on HPC clusters as well as example scripts are provided here. Installed software is listed by name, type and cluster.

A Help Desk and other support services are also provided.Read More


HPC@LSU offers a sequence of tutorials every semester.

1. April 17,2024: Molecular Dynamics

TopicMolecular Dynamics
DateApril 17,2024
Time9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
PlaceZoom Online
DescriptionMolecular dynamics simulation (MD) is a computational technique that is used to study the dynamics of molecules and atoms over time. The tutorial will discuss the essentials of the classical molecular dynamics simulations. The basic system setup, initialization, and analysis for widely used simulation packages such as LAMMPS, GROMACS, AMBER and NAMD on LONI and LSU HPC clusters will be reviewed.

  • Basic knowledge of HPC environment and Linux is preferred but not required.

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The tutorials cover Linux/Unix, parallel programming for HPC systems, in-depth application coverage, and ... Read More