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Every week there is a meeting of the Computer Policy, or CompPol for short. This group consists of systems administrators, HPC consultants, and members of CCT's Cyberinfrastructure Development group. It is open to all users who wish to express resource requirment, keep up with the latest system status and planned changes, who want direct access to support services, or make contact with other users. The meetings are held at 10:00 each Friday in Frey 307.

Additionally, there are periodic Users' Meetings where information about the systems is presented and users can ask questions.



June, 2014

September, 2013

January, 2013

November, 2012

August, 2012

December, 2010

  • LSU Buys Power7-Based HPC Cluster
  • LSU Center for Computation & Technology Names New Deputy Director
  • LSU Center for Computation & Technology Appoints New Director

November, 2010

October, 2010

September, 2010

August, 2010

July, 2010

April, 2010

September, 2009

  • LONI Gets Funding for TeraGrid Research
  • LSU Launches New Supercomputing Cluster

January, 2009

January, 2008

  • LONI to Welcome First TeraGrid Users
  • LSU Center for Computation & Technology Hires Director

October, 2007

  • Louisiana joins TeraGrid

October, 2006

August, 2006

July, 2006

June, 2006

May, 2006

March, 2006

Feburary, 2006

November, 2005

August, 2005

January, 2005