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Resources and Services

High Performance Computing

Through HPC@LSU, University faculty, staff and students can access LSU’s supercomputer, SuperMike-II, and other high-performance computing systems on campus. HPC@LSU provides system administration and consultation support for the Louisiana Optical Network Infrastructure (LONI) supercomputers.

Please browse through this website for available HPC resources, installed software and user guides and software documentation.


HPC @ LSU provides consulting services to users of the computational resources. This includes assistence with compiler optimizations, use of specialized libraries, help with MPI issues, guidance on software usage, and more. See the Help pages for more information.

We also work closely with the Cyberinfrastructure Development (CyD) group within CCT. The CyD group can provide an even higher level of consultation by assisting with code development or help in porting existing codes to new frameworks.


HPC @ LSU offers a sequence of tutorials every semester. The tutorials cover Linux/Unix, parallel programming for HPC systems, in-depth application coverage, and methods for debugging and profiling. We partner with CCT to provide various other training classes.

Help Resources

A Help Desk and other support services are also provided.

If you need to contact individual members of the HPC staff directly, their phone numbers and email addresses can be found in the Staff Listing.