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HPC Training

HPC@LSU offers High Performance Computing training to LSU and LONI users. We provide introductory courses on MPI, OpenMP and other true parallel programming topics.

Our training courses will be held on Adobe Connect so that remote sites may attend. Click here to view a Attendee Checklist and System Requirements.

To view schedule of upcoming training, visit the Weekly Training page. Slides and Recordings where available from past trainings are available here

HPC@LSU also conducts workshops at LONI member institutions each semester. Schedule for upcoming workshops and slides for previous workshops are available here

Moodle Training

We also have a Moodle server on which we have created several HPC related Moodle tutorials.

Visit our Moodle training site. The self-paced tutorials currently available include:

  • Intro to HPC
  • Remote Access with SSH
  • Survival Skills with the TCSH Shell
  • Survival Skills with the BASH Shell
  • Getting Started with the Globus Toolkit
  • User Environment for LONI Clusters
  • Data Graphics with Gnuplot
  • How to use CPMD
  • Intro to Gaussian
  • Document Creation with LaTeX
  • Debugging with TotalView
  • Profiling with TAU
  • Intro to Shared Memory Programming with OpenMP
  • Intro to Hybrid Programming
  • Intro to MPI Programming with Fortran
  • HPC Software Development
  • Survival Skills for Fortran Programmers
  • The Door to SCREEN
  • Survival Skills for Perl Scripters

All you need do is create an account using a valid email address and your name. Then you just log in to the system and start with the training.

Click here to participate in a survey to give feedback on the Moodle course that you have enrolled in.

Other Training Opportunities

Training opportunities may also be available at the various LONI member institutions.

There are courses on some 237 topics (as of 19 Apr 2012) available to all at the The HPC University. Simply visit the site, create an account, and pick a topic or three.

If you have questions or suggestions about HPC training for LSU or LONI please email Kathy Traxler.