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Principal Investigators

The Principal Investigators who have been using LSU's or LONI's HPC resources are highlighted here.

Users' Reseach Project Highlights

HPC@LSU and LONI specifically seeks out computationally intensive, large-scale research projects with the potential to significantly advance key areas in science and engineering. We encourage large allocation proposals from universities, research institutions, and national labs. Our user community continues to expand, with current research applications in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Chem/Elec/Mech Engineering, Atmospheric/Earth/Ocean Science, Material Science, Math and Computer Science. Accomplishments from various applications are highlighted in project summaries available here.

Users' Publications

To highlight users' achievements and accomplishments by using HPC resources, we are listing users' publications where LSU's or LONI's HPC resources were used to support said research. Click Here

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User Meetings

Users are invited to attend the Compute Policy Meeting held every Friday at 10AM in Frey 307.

In addition, there are periodic Users' Meetings held to present new information about the systems and to allow users to ask questions.

3rd Annual High Performance Computing Week

LSU Information Technology Services, LSU Center for Computation & Technology and Louisiana Optical Network Infrastructure (LONI) are pleased to announce the 3rd Annual High Performance Computing (HPC) Week from June 2nd through June 6th, 2014.

3rd Annual LONI Parallel Programming Workshop, June 2nd - June 4th in 1034 LDMC
This workshop will first introduce users to the concepts of Parallel Programming, then cover how those concepts apply to solving problems frequently encountered in numerical studies such as matrix-matrix multiplication, using various parallel programming techniques such as OpenMP and MPI. This workshop will be hands-on oriented, so attendees should have prior knowledge on C/C++ or Fortran programming. Participants who do not have experience with C/C++ or Fortran Programming must attend the HPC Weekly Trainings on C/C++ or Modern Fortran, see HPC Weekly Training for more information.
Click here for more details.

3rd Annual High Performance Computing User Symposium, June 4th - June 5th in LDMC Auditorium and Lobby
The Symposium will consists of a series of invited talks and a poster session discussing research using HPC systems. The symposium is open to all, with the hope of engendering cross-discipline communication and exchange of methods and experiences.
This is an opportunity for the user community to come together and share experiences and methods. Anyone interested in HPC is more than welcome to come by and find out how HPC systems are utilized in research at LONI member institutions.
All participants are encouraged to submit an abstract for a poster or contributed talk discussing your recent work using HPC resources, preference will be given to students and postdocs for contributed talks. Participants who are not HPC users or are prospective HPC users are encouraged to present work that can benefit from using HPC resources. This is an opportunity to meet our user community and foster collaborations.
Click here for more details.

GPU Workshop presented by Nvidia on June 6th in 1034 LDMC
Nvidia Corporation, LSU Center for Computation & Technology and LSU Information Technology Services will host a one day Nvidia GPU workshop on June 6th, 2014 in 1034 Louisiana Digital Media Center at LSU in Baton Rouge as part of the 2014 HPC Week. Participants are expected to have an understanding of C/C++ programming, no parallel or GPU experience required.
Click here for more details.

Users' Survey

The 2013 HPC User Satisfaction Survey will be open for comments from 26 Jun to 19 Jul 2013. Please visit the page: 2013 HPC Users Satisfaction Survey to let us know your thoughts on our service.