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Need Help with HPC resources

Contact Us

Our mission is to provide superlative service to all HPC users within the resources available. There are several ways to contact us to get help with HPC problems.

Getting Started

Need Help getting started with using HPC resources, please visit the Documentation page where you can find getting started guides for all supported clusters.

Training & Workshops

HPC @ LSU offers workshops and training courses on Linux/Unix and parallel programming for HPC systems.

User Meetings

A Computer Policy Group meeting is held Friday morning at 10:00 in Frey 307. This meeting is open to all and is attended by the system administrators, consultants, and members of the CyberInfrastructure Group and Computational Enablement from CCT. Any users who have extrodinary needs, who want direct access to these human resources, or are simply interested in current HPC issues, are invited to attend.