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Underutilized: E124 - Exceeded Memory Allocation Message

When running in a single queue, the amount of memory allowed to a job is determined by the number of cores requested: total node memory divided by the cores-per-node times cores requested. For example, on a 16-core node with 32 GB of memory, each core is allowed 2 GB. If a job needs 8 GB, it must request 4 cores even if only 1 is used. In the example below, 3 GB is allowed per core. Because it exceeds this limit, the job was terminated.

 1)  E124 - Exceeded memory allocation
 2)  This Job 2064 appears to be using more memory (GB) than allocated (7 > 3).
 3)  Please allocate the amount of memory that the job will use.
 4)  This Job has 1 core(s) allocated (ppn=1), you need at least (ppn=3).
 5)  Memory is allocated 3gb/core.
 6)  The top physical memory process is 7285mb.
 8)  Job deleted
10)  Node statistics::
11)  Number of nodes: 1
12)  Number of cores: 1
13)  Total physical memory per node: 24096mb
14)  Average memory usage per node: 11678mb, 48%
15)  Average memory usage per core: 11678mb
16)  Average virtual memory usage per node: 21736mb
17)  Average virtual memory usage per core: 2717mb
18)  Average CPU percent per node: 200%
19)  Average CPU percent per core: 25%
20)  Average load per node: 2.02
21)  Reverified average load per node: 2.00
22)  Effective maximum load on a node: 2.02
24)  PBS_job=2064.philip3 user=flast allocation=hpc_alloc017
25)  queue=single total_load=2.02 cpu_hours=2.98 wall_hours=1.40
26)  unused_nodes=0 total_nodes=1 ppn=1 avg_load=2.02 avg_cpu=200%
27)  avg_mem=11678mb avg_vmem=21736mb
28)  top_proc=flast:a:philip001:10.4G:4.3G:1.5hr:100%
29)  toppm=flast:a.out:philip001:10692M:7285M node_processes=6
30)  avg_avail_mem=8736mb min_avail_mem=8736mb reverified_avg_load=2.00
32)  Name:  First Last
33)  Mail:
34)  Affil: First Last
35)  Category: validation:current:10/21/2015
36)  Allocations:
37)  hpc_alloc017,flast,2000.00,

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