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Meeting Agenda for 20050615

  1. Request Tracking: E-mail sent to will now create a help ticket. This will help us to better keep track of which issues are resolved and who is resolving them. This should result in a more pleasant computing experience for the consultants and users. There is a catch, though, you have to keep your ldap information (email addresses) up to date.
  2. Panasas - You now have: /panasas/scratch/$LOGNAME. It is currently configured for only 2TB. Panasas is a high speed storage system -- up to 500 MB/sec in our tests.
  3. Project Based Accounting - We are going to start tracking SU's (1 SU = 1 hour on 1 processor). Allocations will need to be applied for. A transition is planned where users are given a certain amount of free SU's. Additional SU's will need to be applied for. The details are sketchy, so please stay tuned.
  4. Nemeaux is being updated. It will finally have 32 nodes. The operating system is being upgraded to Tiger, OS X 10.4.
  5. New utilities - elpasswd, elchsh, elchfn to update ldap password, shell, or finger information. These are available on the headnodes in /usr/local/bin. There are man pages too!
  6. New software installed - gfortran, gcc-4.0.0. What software do we need?
  7. New software documentation - . Please tell us what is wrong/missing.

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