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Meeting Agenda for 20050816

  1. New machine arrived: Sgi Prism. It a shared memory machine with 32 processors and 128 gigs of ram. Hopefully it will be ready for general use prior to the next user's meeting.
  2. Our own Yaakoub El-Khamra has generously agreed to provide you with a 20 minute demonstration of Totalview, a debugging tool available on Mike.
  3. Papi, a system for monitoring hardware performance counters, is installed and functional. See
  4. Helix upgrade to be compatible with Mike. Currently you can log in to either helix1 (the old helix), or helix2 (the new mike-compatible helix). Your Mike LDAP passwords will work on helix2.
  5. Scheduled downtime coming -- We will perform a new HPL benchmark, increase disk space, upgrade the kernel, etc.
  6. Nemeaux has been upgraded to Tiger, and we have been testing it. However, there have been problems. It is possible that we will downgrade or install Yellow Dog linux.
  7. Project based accounting -- nothing new to report.
  8. Documentation improving. We have a new getting started guide. Maybe there are a few things in there you don't know even if you are not new?

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