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Meeting Agenda for 20051021

  1. Ed Seidel will attend and describe a recent organizational restructuring: CCT HPC and OCS HPC have been combined into one HPC group in the new ITS (Information Technology Services) organization. In addition, a new organization called the SCSS (Scientific Computing Systems and Software) has also been formed.
  2. The new SGI machine is named Santaka and is currently operating in friendly user mode. Ideally we'd like to have a special machine to use as head node for compilations, but we have not been able to purchase one because of the current budget freeze.
  3. The Helix upgrade has been proceeding, albeit slowly. A status report will be given at the meeting. Hopefully all nodes will have been converted by then.
  4. The planned downtime on Oct 16 will all the maintenance issues mentioned at the previous meeting. In particular, we were not able to do the disk upgrades at that time. More details will be provided at the meeting.
  5. Nemeaux has been (but is no longer) experiencing hardware problems. We have upgraded to 10.4.2. We will be attempting to re-install the compilers and other software on this machine in the near future.
  6. Rebirth of project based accounting: We have a goal to finish describing and implementing our allocations policy quickly -- if possible to have it in place before SC05. The policy will be implemented using Gold (
  7. Teragrid: Project based accounting will be one step on our way to becoming a Teragrid partner ( Membership in the Teragrid should offer the center and its users a number of benefits.
  8. Application assistance: We plan to provide online and email-based support for applying for computer time here at LSU and at external organizations. Watch the website for future developments.
  9. Hurricane queue: Many of you may have been wondering what has become of those cycles we have sacrificed for Katrina/Rita. You may also wish to know when the queue will go away. More on that at the meeting.

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