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Meeting Agenda for 20051216

  1. LRAC and MRAC proposal writing - Gabrielle Allen, CS @ CCT

    A quick discussion about how the NSF allocates its systems, how the allocations proposals are reviewed, and tips on writing your own proposals. Here is Gab's PowerPoint presentation.

  2. Allocations updates - Steve Brandt, SCSS @ CCT
  3. Systems updates - Brian Ropers-Huilman, HPC @ LSU
    • Helix - system upgrade is complete! Helix is now fully software compatible with Mike (same installtion source). /home and /home1 split will happen soon.
    • Mike, Helix, & Pelican maintenance downtimes.
    • Nemeaux - revived effort at making it usable
    • Santaka - failures with one brick have caused several outages; recent software support allows for bump in OS which will change kernel, gcc, and glibc force a recompile of existing codes; purchasing fiber and equipemnt to long-haul KVM (DVI over optical) to the Imaginarium for direct interactive use.
  4. System Tools:
    • whatwhen - tool to help you schedule jobs so they run quicker
    • qfree - tool to see how the nodes in a cluster are allocated; shows system usage
    • purr - tool to generate reports about system usage by system, queue, or user
    • showq {-i} - tool to see how the job scheduler is deriving job priorities
  5. hurricane queue update - The queue is still being used by storm surge researchers to validate various new levee designs.
  6. TeraGrid - We are still progressing on TeraGrid compiance
  7. LONI - frames are being readied for deployment

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