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Meeting Agenda for 20090408

  1. Overview of HPC at LSU/LONI - Dr. Honggao Liu, Director of HPC

  2. LONI updates - Dr. Joel Tohline, Interim LONI Exective Director

  3. LONI Allocations and Policy updates - Dr. Bradd Clark, Chair of the LONI Large Resource Allocation Committee (LRAC), University of Louisiana at Lafayette (ULL)
    • LONI Storage Allocations
    • LONI CPU Allocations
  4. HPC Systems updates - Sam White, Manager of HPC Systems
    • Queen Bee -- LONI's 50 TFlops Dell cluster
    • LONI's five 5 TFlops Dell clusters
    • LONI's IBM P5 systems
    • LSU's HPC systems
  5. HPC Storage updates - Isaac Traxler, Manager of HPC Operations
    • Queen Bee storage
    • Storage on LONI's five 5 TFlops Dell clusters
    • Storage on LONI's IBM P5 systems
    • Storage on LSU's HPC systems
  6. HPC User Services and Traning updates - DR. Jim Lupo, Manager of HPC User Services
    • User support employees
    • HPC workshops and tutorials
    • Software stack on HPC systems
    • User guides and documentation
  7. Useful User Tools Tutorial - Lisa Giaime, Linux Cluster Team Lead

  8. Question & Answer

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