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Yuwu Chen

Yuwu Chen
  • IT Analyst 3
  • HPC User Services



  • MS (Environmental Engineering), Nanjing University of Sci and Tech 2008
  • MS (Chemical Engineering), the University of Toledo 2011
  • MS (Applied Statistics), Louisiana State University 2016
  • Ph. D. (Chemical Engineering), Louisiana State University 2016

Received a PhD from LSU in engineering with an emphasis on protein simulation with Gromacs.

Has several years of experience in molecular simulation and statistics.

Generally, I can help users needing to:

  • check hpc account on HPC clusters
  • install and use software packages on HPC clusters
  • troubleshoot problems running jobs on HPC clusters

331, Frey Computing Services Center,
Louisiana State University,
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Voice: (225) 578-8918